Ask the Pennsylvania Experts

Summit is a trusted partner in Eastern PA, offering expert traffic safety consulting services to assess traffic risks, develop safety plans, and improve traffic management strategies. Our consulting services are designed to help organizations and agencies in Eastern PA enhance safety, efficiency, and compliance with traffic regulations.

Assessing Risk

We help clients assess traffic risks and identify potential hazards. Our team of experienced consultants conducts thorough evaluations of traffic patterns, road conditions, and other factors to identify potential risks and develop strategies to mitigate them. By identifying and addressing potential hazards, we help organizations in Eastern PA create safer environments for drivers, pedestrians, and workers.

Safety Plans

We’re also leaders in developing safety plans. We work closely with clients to create comprehensive safety plans that address their specific needs and challenges. Whether developing a plan for a road construction project, a special event, or a transportation system, Summit has the expertise to create a plan that enhances safety and minimizes risks.

Management Strategies

We also offer customized traffic management strategies. We work closely with clients throughout the consulting process, listening to their concerns and goals and developing solutions that meet their needs. We then provide guidance and recommendations on traffic control measures, signage, and other strategies to help organizations manage traffic flow more effectively. By improving traffic management strategies, we help organizations reduce congestion, improve efficiency, and enhance road safety.